Game Environment Creation Tutorials

Dan john cox 2018 02 17 17 10 09
Dan john cox tiling texture close
Dan john cox tileable flat
Dan john cox 2018 02 17 17 15 19 substance painter 2017 4 2 throne
Dan john cox 2018 01 25 07 17 52 autodesk maya 2018 g dropbox pluralsight game environment fundamentals mockups

Early Block in of the room structure in Maya

Dan john cox 2018 01 31 10 22 47 unity 2018 1 0b3 personal 64bit throne room unity 2018 intro game environm

First pass in Unity, testing out the assets and lighting

Dan john cox 2018 02 03 10 49 17

Second pass trying to add in more colour variation and "story" aka fire particles :P

Dan john cox 2018 02 04 12 41 03 zbrush

Closer the final feel for the scene. But the glowing elements here felt a touch too distracting and noisy so I removed them for the final.

This work was built for two tutorials which are given to Unity Plus subscribers.
It was made in during a 2 week period in my spare time while also learning Substance Designer more fully. The scene is of my own design but built for the world of Swords and Shovels

The first course "Creating Game Environments in Unity and Maya" where I explain the broad, encompassing topics of environment creation for games. In this I aimed to cover the process and common methods for making an environment for people new to environment creation. In it I cover scene structure, visual focus, modular modeling, hero props, tiling textures, trim sheets and more. The scene is intentionally simple and meant to cover broad concept efficiently.

The second course is an introduction to Substance Designer and Painter, how to be both procedural in your textures and use existing sculpts from Zbrush to feed into a scene like this and be reused effectively.

February 17, 2018