Dan Cox is a game artist with 10 + years of experience working on tiny indie games to AAA and even helping co-create Starlink: Battle of Atlas. Not limited to simply creating game art, Dan's experience in leadership means has often switched gears into quickly managing a team and their deadlines while building and maintaining morale. Teaching as a game art professor for 8 years, Dan has also spoken at many conferences around the discussing how to build up you junior artists successfully, integrate interior design theory into your environment art skillset, how to create hyper simplified 3D art look as good as possible and not simply boring, and more.

Artist, Producer, and Game Designer | Capybara Games | February 2014 - Present

- Building out procedural elements for the game world
- Creating and managing the entire team's tasks and schedule
- Planning and implementing large game design elements
- Working with programmers to modify the initially slow and difficult 3D workflow for creating game content to make it more streamlined
- Teaching 3D to the art team

Level Artist  |  Ubisoft Toronto  |  July 2011 – February 2014 (3 years)

- Co-creating Starlink: Battle of Atlas, acting as a lead, developing our visual tone with assistance from the art director, training junior artists, and exploring future content creation pipelines while delivering content for our milestones
- Modelling on Splinter Cell Blacklist as a Core Team Member
- Taking a level from Greyblock to Final art polish and bug fixing
- Modeling and texturing props and structures
- Working independently I took one section of our level and acted as Level Artist and Designer to revamp a troubled area into one of our set piece scenes

Environment Modelling and Texturing Professor  |  Seneca College  |  September 2008 – August 2016 (8 years)

- Independently developing the Environment Modeling as well as Texturing classes curriculum from the ground up
- Working with industry experts to discuss the quality of the program’s I build and ensuring they keep with the rapidly changing industry standards
- Assisting students in finding work and matching studios up with students
Organizing and bringing in other artists in the industry to do talks and panels

Intermediate Environment Artist  | Bedlam Games |  February 2011 – July 2011 (6 months)

- Leading the environment team on GammaWorld: Alpha Mutations
- Building out the in game look and feel for the the world
- Directing environment design in each level ensuring each area can tell a unique story
- Creating props, modular level art, complex materials, textures
- Creating complex materials to increase the speed of asset creation in our pipeline
- Verifying art quality
- Mentoring and managing Junior Artists

Artist |  Frozen North Productions  | August 2008 – February 2011 (2 years 7 months)

- Producing illustrations, colour swatches and detailed asset concepts for game worlds for use in outsourcing
- Developing the look and feel for the six different worlds in Flip’s Twisted World
- Modelling and Texturing environmental assets, set pieces, and character models
- Tasked with designing villains, enemies, heroes and environments for a large number of pitch projects

Associate 3D Artist  |  Pseudo Interactive  |  August 2007 – February 2008 (6 months)

- Modeling and texturing tasks for; vehicles, props, characters, and environments
- Quickly learning and building high level shaders for unannounced Xbox360/PS3 game
- Creating concept art for a variety of vehicles and weapons
- Often being placed in many different positions and adapting quickly to each one

Expertise in Working with as well as Teaching;

- Adobe Photoshop
- Substance Painter
- Autodesk 3ds Max
- zBrush
- Maya
- Unreal 4
- Unity